Gawled is an online platform that links electricians with the customer. After an extensive market research, we found out that one of the main electrical problems that customers faced was the inability to vet electricians before they contracted them. The same applied to professional electricians who had a difficult time marketing their services to potential customers. Through this platform, we seek to bridge the gap. We ensure that the customer needs for professional electricians whether for residential or commercial purposes is addressed at the same time addressing the electricians’ needs for a market for their professional services.

We have built a database of professional electricians with different levels of specialization through a thorough process of vetting. Gawled has a code of values that electricians must live up to in order to keep their place on our platform. Our codes include:

1 Respect to the customer and the electrical profession

2 Integrity in the way we conduct our business

3 Always focusing on the customers’ needs