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2 Must-do Electrical Inspections during the Festive Season

The festive season is with us once more and it is a time when electricians are busy with Christmas lights installations in residential and commercial properties. However, it never occurs to most of us to consider engaging these electricians in an electrical safety inspection exercise in our homes. We seem to be oblivious of the dangers that lurk especially at a time when all family members have converged in the same spot. It is believed that most house fires occur during the coldest months of the year.


Electrical problems are unpredictable and most often result in home fires. Considering that festivities fall during winter, we must be aware of the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning. CO gas is usually a byproduct of incomplete combustion and this can be caused by malfunctioning of furnaces and water heaters in the home. Keeping in mind that you have everything sealed off in the home to keep off the winter cold, this is the most dangerous time for exposing your family to CO poisoning.

Having an electrical safety inspection as you approach the festive season can help uncover underlying problems in your home’s wiring and electrical fixtures and help prevent exposing your family to danger.

Here are 5 electrical inspections that demand your attention around the holidays:

#1 Ensure your carbon monoxide alarm is functional

Considering that winter is the season for home heating, it is important to be aware that any malfunctioning of your furnace which runs on natural gas can generate carbon monoxide which may in turn leak into the interior of the house. This can expose your family to the risk of CO poisoning. Contracting electricians to conduct an electrical safety inspection will probably save their lives.

#2 Ensure your smoke detectors are functional

Home fires are said to occur most between the months of December and February in comparison to other periods of the year. This is basically your festive period. It is very important to ensure that all your smoke detector are up and running. It is worth mentioning that this task has to be conducted by expert electricians. They are better placed to ensure that each of your smoke detectors are properly placed as well as tested for correct functionality.