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3 Cheap Electrical Gadgets to Baby Proof your House

If you are a new parent with a toddler who has just learnt how to crawl, you must realize that all the electrical outlets in your house that make your life easier are actually a hazard to your new born. This basically means that you have to baby proof.


Keeping up with all the electrical outlets in your home may be a hustle especially since you are still trying to adjust to the long sleepless nights from all the crying and late night diaper changes. This is what electricians are for. However, here are three simple and cheap gadgets that will assist you with the baby proofing.

#1 You need to install tamper resistant receptacles

If your house is not so modern then you probably do not have tamper resistant receptacles. You can get more advice about this from electricians. Basically, when you observe the vertical slots on the receptacle, they appear to have been filled in with plastic. The device is actually fitted with spring loaded shutters that close off the openings of the socket. The shutters only open when they are pushed simultaneously as you plug something into the outlet. The beauty about these outlets is that your baby will definitely not be able to press on both openings simultaneously hence will be unable to poke or insert anything into the outlet.

#2 Purchase electrical outlet caps for your home

Basically, an empty electrical outlet is an outlet with no appliances plugged in. They are just sitting there presenting opportunities for your baby to poke something inside. Part of your baby proofing duties is getting electrical outlet caps for your electrical outlets. This is incredibly cheap and easy to do it yourself and you don’t require electricians for it. The only downside depending on your level of alertness is that you will need to remove the caps every time you need to use an outlet so you always have to remember to plug it back in.

#3 Purchase electrical outlet covers

Electrical outlet covers sometimes referred to as safe plates, are additional covers that are placed on top of your existing outlet. They are easy to install since it involves removing the old outlet cover and inserting the baby safe one. These outlets are inbuilt with spring loaded plastic covers that ensure your child does not poke things inside them. Whenever you need to plug in any appliance, you will simply place the prongs of the plug into the cover then slide it across. Most parents prefer the advantages offered by these covers over the electrical outlet cap because of the fact that you do not need to detach them when you are plugging in other electrical devices. They are made in a way that the snap back into their original position. A number of parents say they opt for outlet covers in sockets they frequently use for obvious reasons and outlet caps in the mostly unused outlets.